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Curious Budwhisper Artificial Paper Crepe Flowers Vase

Curious Budwhisper Artificial Paper Crepe Flowers Vase

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This unique bud flower is like a secret keeper, always on the verge of revealing something special to the world. It's tightly wrapped petals resemble a shy smile, and its presence holds an air of anticipation.

As the sun's warm rays touch its delicate petals, the Curious Budwhisper begins its daily ritual. Slowly, ever so slowly, it unfurls its tightly clasped petals, revealing just a hint of the colorful secret within. It's as if it's teasing the world with a sneak peek of the beauty it holds. It comes in five variety of colors. See details.

Dimensions: approximately 12.5 inches from the stem to the flower.

Materials: The product is made using Italian high-quality paper crepes.

Arrangement Colors: features a combination of colors; each bouquet consisted more than 5 colors.

Packaging: The bouquet comes in a clear box as shown on the picture.

Stems: consists of 40 stems.

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