Our Story

 About EchoCrafting LLC: Crafting Lasting Beauty

During the tough year of 2020, my sister and I found something special. We started making crafts at home and loved it so much that we decided to create EchoCrafting LLC.

As the pandemic brought uncertainty, we turned to creativity. We wanted to make gifts that could connect people, even when they couldn't be together. That's how EchoCrafting began—born from a time of reflection and inspiration.

Our goal was simple: to make gifts that last. We took inspiration from nature and started with crafting flower bouquets. We found that crepe paper was perfect for making lifelike flowers that wouldn't wither away. Then, we ventured into making succulent candles, inspired by the resilience of cactus plants. These candles, with their natural charm, became a symbol of art and nature coming together. But our journey didn't stop there. Friends and colleagues loved our creations so much that they inspired us to expand. Now, our crafts include beautiful decorations and scented wax decor, bringing warmth and joy to any space.

With each flower bouquet and every succulent candle, we welcome you to explore our creations and be part of this journey. 

With heartfelt gratitude and creativity,

EchoCrafting LLC