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Serenade Vinebloom Artificial Crepe Flower

Serenade Vinebloom Artificial Crepe Flower

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This charming flower is a natural-born performer, using its delicate vines to create a symphony of beauty in your garden. Picture this: as the morning sun rises, the Serenade Vinebloom awakens with a gentle rustle of its leaves, as if tuning its instruments. Its vines start to sway gracefully, almost as if they're dancing to their own melody.

Dimensions:  approximately 12.5 inches from the stem to the flower.

Materials: The product is made using high-quality paper crepes.

Arrangement Colors: features yellow and purple, with pinkish petals inside.

Packaging: The bouquet comes with a clear gift box that includes a vase. This provides a complete presentation and protection for the bouquet.

Stems/Vines:  consists of 7 stems or vines that are bendable and twistable, offering flexibility in arranging the bouquet.

Vase:  included vase with product 

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