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Echo Crafting LLC

Echo Colorful Succulent Cactus

Echo Colorful Succulent Cactus

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Echo Colorful succulent cactus room scented wax is a unique and eye-catching decorative item that combines the charm of a cactus shape with the warm ambiance of a candle. It comes in a variety of vibrant and lively colors.

The fragrance oil used for this decorative item is rose, which captures the sweet and delicate scent of roses. The scent is often reminiscent of fresh, blooming roses in a garden.

Scent: Cactus

Size of Space: Wide= 10.8ft Height= 12.3ft

Dimensions: jar is approximately 3.5 inches in size

Ingredients: crafted using high-quality fragrance oil and Parasoy wax from Candle Science. 


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