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BeeBlue Vineflower Artificial Crepe Flower

BeeBlue Vineflower Artificial Crepe Flower

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This exquisite blue-flowered vine is a true marvel of nature, combining elegance and vibrancy in one captivating package.The BeeBlue Vineflower starts its journey as delicate tendrils that reach and twine their way up any support they can find. 

Dimensions: approximately 14 inches or more from the vase's base to the top of the arrangement.

Materials: The product is made using high-quality paper crepes.

Arrangement Colors: Option to choose from three shades of blue: light blue, medium blue, or dark blue.

Packaging: The bouquet comes with a gift box, adding an element of presentation and protection; vase is included, as shown in the picture.

Vase:  included vase with product 

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